May 17 2023


8:00 pm

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  • Date: May 17 2023
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Psychosocial Wednesdays

The wish for self-help, to be autonomous in the way of one’s development, is popular. But it has its implications: Niccolò Fiorentino Polipo talks about the concept of False Start, an accelerated psychodynamic pattern, as a diagnosis and applies Jung’s theory of psychodynamics.

Why should self-help be considered an unsatisfactory answer to the spiritual needs of modern individuals, from a neo-Jungian perspective? Niccolò Fiorentino Polipo reviews Jung’s theory of psychodynamics and reformulates it into a theoretical framework to classify ethical systems on the basis of their likelihood of leading to lasting individual or collective self-change. Then, building on this framework, he introduces the concept of False Start as a ‘diagnosis’ for the characteristically short-lived trajectory of self-help projects. He underlines that a False Start is an accelerated psychodynamic pattern by which consciousness orients itself towards a one-sidedly positive proposition (‘let us strive for P and leave ¬P behind’) that triggers a compensatory movement causing the associated project to be interrupted shortly thereafter. Polipo discusses the dynamic of False Starts establishing analogies between psychodynamics and a variety of other fields, including literature, psychopathology, and even aerospace engineering. He will talk about implications with a view to bridge the gap between the psychological and sociocultural levels of analysis.

  • Brief Overview:

    More than a century ago, Freud gathered colleagues for Wednesday meetings that opened the world of psychoanalysis to a wide range of powerful ideas. Psychosocial Wednesdays are modeled on those Wednesdays and on Jung´s meetings at the Psychological Club, and feature speakers from various psychoanalytic traditions, schools, and associated fields.

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