Podcasts & Blogs

There are podcasts and blogs which cover the Jungian world. While the list below is probably not yet comprehensive, we aspire to provide a useful resource for readers to find podcasts and blogs.

If you know of a podcast or blog covering Jungian ideas that is not listed below please let us know. Contact Us

Living a Symbolic Life in a Technological Age. Our digital age presents unique challenges for the practice of the inner life. What can the insights of Jungian Psychology offer for dealing with these challenges? In this series, we explore Carl Jung’s idea of “the symbolic life” through the lenses of depth psychology, mythology, fairy tales, poetry, religion, and more. We focus on three core questions: 1. What is the symbolic…
Entrez dans l’œuvre jungienne avec vos oreilles… Pourquoi ce podcast ? Parce que nous étions à la recherche d’une solution pour conquérir un plus large public d’une façon simple, créative et, surtout, actuelle. Retrouvez chaque mois sur ce podcast des contenus originaux en relation avec la psychologie jungienne. Pourquoi les Deux Tours ? Parce que nous avons voulu manifester notre profond respect à l’égard du travail accompli par Carl Gustav…
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