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The Soul & The Sea

How does emotional healing happen? How do we resolve our heartbreak, our childhood issues, our experiences of abandonment and betrayal and recover a sense of wholeness so that we can continue to walk our spiritual path? How can we connect with the spiritual wisdom within if we have become separated from our Divine heritage rooted in our own nature?

Thirty years in the therapy room listening to fellow souls although enriching my life immeasurably, has taught me one essential truth–healing is not a matter of will, it is a matter of heart. You can tell your story over and over again and still not heal.

One day, after perhaps years in therapy sitting on the same chair week in week out, a miracle happens, a doorway opens and a great surge of love sweeps over us and we know we will never be the same again.”

You heal when your heart opens, when you surrender to a higher force and when you pray or listen to your soul. Healing can come through in a dream, in a poem or when something outside us makes an electric connection, a resonance with something deep inside us. Just as ‘the flow’ that became this book pushed its way into my consciousness mainly through my dreams, walks by the sea and periods of meditation and reflection, so too can healing come to you.

Communing with nature, working with dreams, meditation and soul journeying with spiritual tools-in The Soul & the Sea, Benig Mauger interweaves depth psychology with spirituality to present a new model of healing. The Soul & The Sea takes you deep into the Sacred Feminine wisdom embodied in the earth and our own inner healing wisdom.

Inspired by the sea and land around her home, Mauger draws from her own life experiences as a Jungian therapist and spiritual teacher to illustrate how connection to nature and the spiritual world can heal emotional wounds. As both a guide and a creator of a new portal for healing, The Soul & the Sea reads like a story as it charts the journey to healing through nature and spirit while serving as a tool for emotional healing and soul growth, showing us how to connect to our inner healer.

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