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  • Date: Jun 06 2023
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  • Ann Shearer
  • Joseph Cambray
  • Lionel Corbett
  • Marian Dunlea
  • Murray Stein
  • Sonu Shamdasani
  • Susan Schwartz
    Susan Schwartz

    Susan E. Schwartz, Ph.D., Jungian analyst and clinical psychologist, presented workshops and lectures in numerous countries. Susan has published articles in several journals and contributed chapters to books on Jung’s analytical psychology. Her book, published by Routledge in 2020, is entitled: The Absent Father Effect on Daughters, Father Desire, Father Wounds.

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#WithUkranianJungians ‘Making the Unsayable Experiential’ webinars part 1

These webinars form part of the #WithUkrainianJungians (#WUJ) Project which invites the international Jungian community to gather once a month as a community for 16 months in solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues and any other colleagues whose people are facing erasure. The webinars are led by eminent Jungians in collaboration with some of our Ukrainian colleagues. The purpose is to build a strong container to hold our Ukrainian colleagues – and any other colleagues whose community is facing erasure – during a time of immense trauma.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Other projects to participate in alongside the webinars:

ARAS image project
• Dream depository (also for synchronistic and somatic experiences). Save the date for 12 September!
Film project

Upcoming Webinar Schedule:

April 25 | Lionel Corbett & Elena Pozdieieva | Jung’s notion of the Self: An emerging new God-image

In this webinar Lionel Corbett and Olena Pozdieieva will contrast Jung’s notion of the Self with traditional theistic approaches to the divine. They will describe the range of ways in which the Self may appear within the psyche and will also consider the ways in which Jung’s approach avoids the philosophical problems associated with the idea of God found in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Our speakers will show how Jung’s approach allows the development of a personal spirituality rather than one based on doctrine and dogma. They will discuss Jung’s notion of the dark side of the Self in his Answer to Job, and the arguments with theologians this book produced.

May 16 | Murray Stein & Serhiy Teklyuk | A Response to Evil & A Dream for Our Time

Dreams sometimes bring us an experience of the ineffable. They strike us as numinous and mysterious. They are what Jung, in his homely Swiss fashion, called “big dreams.” Such dreams offer us symbols that surprise and puzzle us, at least at first, and surpass our present conceptual understanding. Symbols are more than metaphors, which may delight and amuse us. Rather, they take us, if we follow them far enough, into a realm of the mysterious unknown and perhaps even the unknowable.

The experiential component with be an exercise in active imagination using the dream discussed in the lecture.

June 6 | Susan Schwartz | The Effect of Absent Fathers: Father Desire, Father Wounds

The presence of a father’s emotional deadness and absence has a significant impact on body, mind, and soul. The ‘absent father phenomenon’ means those without a father figure retain an absence in the heart, a longing. Jungian and other depth analytical approaches, dreams, and case examples offer a context for understanding this experience and its ensuing dynamics psychologically, physically and emotionally. The talk will also consider intergenerational experiences, as well as the context of war in which many fathers are forced to be absent and also may die. From experiencing this loss and absence we can find places for hope and healing to begin.

The material is elucidated by experiencing together the Grimm’s fairytale, The Handless Maiden.

July 4 | Ann Shearer & Victoria Roslik | A Myth for our times

Jung held that Myths were “first and foremost psychic phenomena that reveal the state of the soul….They are original revelations of the preconscious psyche, involuntary statements about unconscious psychic happenings. Myths are about the relationships of gods and humans – between the ego and the archetypes of the collective unconscious which influence and direct our individual and collective lives

In this webinar Ann Shearer and Viktoria Roslik will consider ways of working with myths that can deepen our understanding of these relationships. They will explore, in particular, what the myth of Perseus has to reveal to us about these tragic times.

Webinar recordings:

The recordings of Webinars 1 & 2 are available to view in English, Ukrainian, German, Italian, Portuguese, French & Spanish.
The recordings of Webinar 3 are available to view in English, Ukrainian, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish & Chinese.

All are available on the ARAS website.


Step 1: Please first make a donation on our GoFundMe page. To be as inclusive as possible, suggested minimum donations (byWorld Bank ranking) are:
High income: North America, Australia and Europe: £25 (trainees and routers: £15)
Upper middle income: South America and the Balkans: £15 (trainees and routers: £5)
Lower middle income: South East Asia and Africa: £5 (trainees and routers free)
Ukrainians & those working on the front line with Ukrainians: Free

Step 2: Please then book your ticket on Eventbrite, linked seperately for each webinar above.

These webinars are a fundraiser for our colleagues in Ukraine.

Our aim is to try to get the money to those colleagues most in need. From the Ann Ulanov event in May, we were able to donate the £35,0000 we raised directly to individual Ukrainian Jungians or trainees. We need a different method this time and are discussing with UJA and the developing group USAP how best to proceed. Communication is very difficult and slow at the moment with the destruction of so much of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, so we will update once the mechanism is finalised. The money will be held by IAAP member, The Guild of Analytical Psychologists (GAP), which is a registered charity in the UK. Everyone involved in the project is working for free – the only people we will pay are the Ukrainian interpreters, so almost all your donation will go to our colleagues.

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