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Hotel Schatzalp, Davos
Hotel Schatzalp - Davos, Schatzalp, Switzerland


ISAP Zurich

ISAP Zurich

Jungian Odyssey 2023: The Cauldron of Relationships—Do or Die?

The genius loci remains to be our customary guide as we set out for Davos and the famed “Magic Mountain,” home to the historic Belle Époque Hotel Schatzalp. It was this erstwhile sanatorium, opened in 1900, that set the scene for Thomas Mann’s renowned novel, Der Zauberberg. In this iconic autobiographical work, Mann envisions a cauldron of relationships inhering in painful conflicts of bourgeois morality and persona versus the captivating allure of forbidden erotic desire, the quest for true love and eros, and acute consciousness of ever-looming death. At this Odyssey we want to delve into such individual and collective relationships that drive us to “do or die.”

What are we willing to live or die for—love, dignity, politics, justice, freedom, equality? Can we discern if (or when) the struggle is fueled by ego-inflation, delusion, grandiosity, shadow, evil, etc.—or by a genuine individuation impulse arising from the Self? Do the perils and havens of relationship suggest a koan—a puzzle that can’t be solved with the rational mind?

Is a conventional Jungian approach sufficient to guide us today? Are we prepared, for instance, to deal with contemporary challenges to our binary notions of the archetypal masculine and feminine, anima/animus, heroism, man/woman, gender, and sexuality? Might the current era demand a sacrifice of our rather entrenched essentialist, dualistic views? Might a reappraisal offer fresh insights into relationships as they are evoked in fairy tale, myth, dream, religion, the arts, and in the analytic consulting room?

Download the program brochure for details on the entire week.

Special Events:


Sunday •Thomas Mann: His Life and Work

Documentary Film Directed by Volker Zielke (1992)

After dinner on Sunday, we invite you to view this documentary film. Directed by Volker Zielke, it “examines the life and work of German literary icon Thomas Mann, beginning with Mann’s nomination for the 1949 Goethe Prize. His symbolic representation of Germany in exile after the war, and his status as a representative of the liberal, humanist tradition, are juxtaposed against Mann’s private life. The film discusses how his works, such as Death in Venice, explore the disparity between the life of bourgeois convention and desire, a disparity present in Mann’s own life. From the suicide of his eldest son, to his own homosexuality, the film explores the dual identity of Mann as representative of post-war Germany and also as private citizen.” (Film produced by NDR International)

Wednesday • Excursion Choices


1. Journey Through Time on a Vintage Train
The round-trip train fare is covered by your Davos Guest Card.

This historical train, nick-named the “Crocodile,” celebrated its 100th birthday in 2021. The trip from the station at Davos Platz to the village of Filisur and back is a breath-taking journey through the ruggedly romantic Zügen Gorge and over the famous Wiesen Viaduct, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Consider combining this trip with an easy hike through the Zügen Gorge (ca. 1 1⁄2 hours), accompanied by a member of our team.


2. Davos Kirchner Museum | Guided Tour | CHF 26.00
About 10 minutes’ walk from the funicular station below Hotel Schatzalp

The German expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880–1938) lived in Davos from 1918 until his death in 1938. Davos and its surroundings inspired him to a large number of important works. The Nazis classified Kirchner’s art as “degenerate,” confiscating and destroying large swathes of it. Physically and mentally scarred by the war, he sought refuge in various sanatoriums, ending up in Davos in 1917. His grave is located in the village Forest Cemetery (Waldfriedhof). At this modern light-drenched museum opened in 1992, you will have the remarkable experience of viewing Kirchner’s art in the place
it was created.


Wednesday Evening • “Eranos:” A Play

Back at Hotel Schatzalp, five ISAP analysts will premiere a new play authored by Murray Stein and Henry Abramovitch. The scene is set in 1947 at the lake-side estate and home to the historical Eranos-Ascona Conference cycles, launched in 1933 and envisioned as “a ‘dance’ of creative minds.” The actors will dramatize a “Table Ronde,” a conversation between the conference founder and hostess Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn (Dariane Pictet), C.G. Jung (Paul Brutsche), Erich Neumann (John Hill), Aniela Jaffé (Kathrin Schaeppi), and Rabbi Leo Baeck (Gary Hayes). Accompanied by AGAP member and Jungian analyst Barbara Miller on the cello. A discussion with the cast will follow.


Friday • Gala Closing

After the wrap-up with reflections on the week, join the hike to Strela Pass, or rest and get ready for our traditional gala closing. A wine reception will get us started, and we will proceed to an exquisite 4-course dinner

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