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The Club was founded in 1922 by close associates of Carl Gustav Jung and continues today, building a community that explores Jung's ideas and concepts. Thursday Lectures offer a relaxed and informal way to listen to a variety of speakers covering a broad spectrum of subjects that intersect through Jungian Psychology. Saturday & Weekend Seminars offer an opportunity to delve deeper into particular themes and subjects. Reading Groups are seen to be the heart of the Club and provide an opportunity to experience close reading and analysis of Jungian texts, fairy tales, and the Red Book. Various other Jung Club Small Groups (Reading Groups, Art Making Group, Film Viewing Group, and Embodied Jung) provide opportunities to get involved in a number of diverse activities. Faye Pye Grass Root Seminars are a series of seminars that introduce the basic concepts of Jungian Analytical Psychology. They are invaluable to those encountering Jung for the first time, as well as to those who have experienced years of analysis. The Harvest journal is published annually by the Club and can be received as part of Club membership or by subscription. The Club Library contains a diverse collection of around 2000 books, journals, notes, and articles. It also has a collection of compact-cassettes with recordings of lectures given at the club dating back to the late 1960s. The Club hosts an exciting number of lectures and events throughout the year and full details can be found in the links above. Through various associations with other well known Jungian organisations, we are happy to advertise other interesting events that are taking place outside of the Jung Club. Details for those events can be found here.

The Child Archetype – Daimon or Demon?

The symbol of the ‘divine’ child is very powerful when appearing in dreams, visions or active imagination. But in common with all archetypes it has a duality – a shadow side – which can manifest in all of us, individually and collectively. This complex has the potential for great creativity but can also be very destructive and demonstrates how the spirit of the times is at odds with the spirit of the depths. In her talk ffiona will explore this dichotomy – the childlike and childishness – and consider how to heal the split. This lecture continues on site as a Saturday workshop.


In this workshop participants will have the opportunity to further explore the numinosity of the child archetype with its power and shadow and share their memories and dreams of childhood. You will also have the opportunity of making your own “inner child” hand puppet. All materials will be provided, but please bring scissors, a favourite piece of material and two photographs of yourself as a child, with or without mother and family.

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