Jun 10 2023


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  • Date: Jun 10 2023
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The Way of the Dream: A Video Series Discussion Group

The Way of the Dream is based on an extraordinary series of films made by Fraser Boa, who collected first-person accounts of dreams in street interviews with ordinary men and women in various parts of the world. He then asked the eminent psychoanalyst Marie-Louise von Franz to interpret these dreams on film, just as she would in a private analytical session. The resulting test is a primer explaining and demonstrating the art and science of dream analysis for the general public. The material covered includes dreams of men, dreams of women, what dreams tell us about ourselves and our relationships, the historical significance of dreams, and dreams about death and dying. Dr. von Franz concludes that one of the healthiest things people can do is to pay attention to their dreams: “Dreams show us how to find meaning in our lives, how to fulfill our own destiny, how to realize the greater potential of life within us.”

Each of the 8 sessions will begin with a showing of – on average, 1 1/4 hours of video, followed by discussion. There is a companion book of the same name – recommended but not required – from which passages may be read for addressing questions or issues with the video content.

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    2nd Saturday of the Month

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